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Updated 2/15/21. Originally Published 19th January 2021

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Conflicts can be especially stressful when they include your boss. How many times have you dreaded walking into your manager in the hallway or the breakroom knowing that the air will be thick with fear?

Fear of:

  • Speaking out of turn
  • Saying the wrong thing
  • Making an alternate suggestion (when only want your silent agreement is wanted)
  • Having the wrong facial expression as a reaction

Concern for  a workplace problem that seems almost insurmountable at that very moment that you encounter your boss in the aisle, knowing the subject will come up during the encounter.

Sometimes, the fear is for the scheduled one-on-one meetings.   Yes, those periodic “let’s discuss your progress and connect” meetings.  The ones your  organization  has indicated  as a  “new initiative” to maintain ‘open communication”.

Granted, these meetings are new, and now must be endure every two weeks or monthly depending on current measurement goals.

You go behind closed doors and pray you will endure, exit with limited scars and reasonable action items – or at least upright.


Conflict by the very definition will require interaction – planned interaction with anticipation of possible outcomes in order to provide some level of a positive result.

Maybe that is possible.

Maybe not, but the alternative of a continuous, conflict with your manager for the duration of your working career in your current work environment … anticipating and planning for the conflict may something to consider.





Difficult Conversations with Your Boss

Is every meeting with your manager calm, civil and productive? Maybe a little preparation would help.



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