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(Updated 3/31/18  Issue #3)


10 Ways to “Deal With” Quiet People  .  Dan Rockwell

“Quiet People” are frequently underestimated and ignored.  This article highlights why you are awfully lucky to have a “quiet person” on your team.

Now that you know, how will you utilize their special talents?  Read more

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Articles that give “best practices”, lessons learned and actionable tips/steps to improve our workplace environment

Working from home is really having a moment   CNN Money · by Kathryn Vasel

According to the article, the average worker gains back the equivalent of 11 days per year if they work from home at least half the time.

This assumes that the average worker has reduced transit and work related expenses, with the organization saving more than $10k annually per worker.   Read More…

3 Ways to Design an Open Office That Employees Love  .  Inc Magazine · Jennifer Walton

We spend at least a third of the work day at our place of employment. By looking at what workers do during the majority of the day and where the work is accomplished, a plan and design can be created to accommodate today’s employee. Read more

CEOs Want Their Offices Back  The Wall Street Journal .  Vanessa Fuhrman

Even tech startup CEOs crave the same thing  many of their co-workers want – walls and a door!  Read more


People who work from home make $4,000 more in salary every year   Ladders · By Jane Burnett

One reason for the higher salary could be the trust factor. According to the article, 50% of working from home are highly educated and at least 45 years of age.

Could the work experience, education, and existing salary account for the salary difference? Read more…


One in Four Women Are Told Off About Their Appearance At Work  .   Katie O’Malley

According to a recent study in the UK, at least one in 4 women have had a workplace conversation about their appearance.  The impact of these conversations varies, with most making a change in their workplace attire as a result.

What is the response when men are approached regarding workplace attire and appearance. Read more


The CEO of Barstools Sports Says She Measures Job Candidates Responsiveness by Texting Them at Odd Hours on the Weekends   .   Chris Weller

Admittedly, we all work with co-workers  who focus on career advancement to the exclusion of all the factors and relationship in their lives.  in this article, the CEO describes the value she places on potential candidates who respond within her self-limiting deadline  of 3 hours.

Why expect a response from a candidate – not an employee – during their weekend off hours? Read more

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