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The Workplace Bullying Discussion Kit

The Victim, the Witness, and the Organization

A toolkit to creating a strategy for handling uncivil behavior in the workplace to address the difficult, damaging, and expensive interactions – for the target, the witness, and the organization. 

Difficult Conversations With CoWorkers

CHECKLIST | Creating a strategy – any effective strategy – for the meeting in the workplace is key to the successful interaction.  It is especially critical for communication with your coworkers, and avoid feeling overwhelmed, over-talked and left without any results that you wanted.  What to do? Let’s plan a strategy!

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Why Do Employees Leave?

INFOGRAPHIC | Retaining employees is a critical concern for business and workers alike. According to one study, in 2017, approximately 40% of employees quit within the first 12 months of their new job. About 50% of those – left within the first 90 days. Why?

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Difficult Conversations With Your Boss

CHECKLIST | This resource is different, fast and easy. It is meant to help you narrow your focus for the upcoming difficult conversation, stay on track, and plan your strategy – quickly and immediately. It involves using our Difficult Conversations Checklist (DCC) – a simple resource that can improve the duration and outcome of the next one-on-one meeting with our manager.

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Workshop Logistics Planning

TOOLKIT | The labor and logistics required to design and deliver an effective workshop event are easy to neglect. Good planning ensures quality and effective workshops and seminars run efficiently and produce the intended results and value to the audience.

Meeting Planner

CHECKLIST | A free resource checklist used to facilitate a meeting that effectively uses planning to achieve a better meeting outcome while maintaining respect and civility within the meeting. Immediate download.

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Creating a Digital Resume

FORM | Have a difficult work environment, but need to change jobs? Solo Entrepreneur? A consultant who needs to promote your services or skills? Chances are that you have been busy earning a living or pursuing clients – meaning creating a digital resume or CV is not your primary skill. Here is a free list of resources to get you started – at little or inexpensive costs.