• Workshop Planning Checklist | Logistics
  • Workshop Planning Checklist | Workshop Design
  • Workshop Planning Checklist | Project Planning
  • Workshop Planning Checklist | Day of Workshop
  • Workshop Planning Checklist | Workshop Wrap-up
  • Workshop Bullying Worksheet
  • 31 Free Workplace Tools to Prepare for Your Next Job
  • Tools for Your Online Resume, Blog or Portfolio

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Workshop Planning Checklist | Logistics


Use this checklist as you are preparing to create your live workshop.   Below are the 5 key steps for planning the logistics of the workshop.  Utilize this checklist to assign key areas to your team members to manage and to track their progress handling assigned duties.


Need more?  Check out our series!

Series:  Workshop Planning Checklists (Roadmap)  

  1. Workshop Design: Strategy, Audience, Outline, Agenda, Learning Materials, etc.
  2. Workshop Project Planning: Site Planning, Experts, Delivery Style, Speaker Expectations, Requirements, etc.
  3. Workshop Logistics: Facilitator, AV, Layout, Access, Registrations; Venue Setup; etc.
  4. Day of Workshop: Objectives, Managing Audience; Actionable Activities
  5. Workshop Wrap-up: Surveys, Feedback, next Steps

Each  Create Custom Workshops (CCW) Checklists has a  detailed DIY companion workbook, project plan, and worksheets available for purchase. These additional tools  to walk you and your team through the planning process for your workshop.

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Workplace Bullying Worksheet 

Free Download

Dreading the next one-on-one meeting with our manager?   Take some control and plan ahead.  Utilize the Workplace Bullying Worksheet to create an action plan to get through the difficult conversation.   The workshop includes suggested guidelines, along with planning tools to help you plan a better strategy for the upcoming workplace conversation.


31 Free  Workplace Tools to Prepare For Your New Job

Free Download

While you are practicing the behaviors to improve workplace behaviors in your place of employment, you may also be creating a “Plan B” or an exit strategy.

But maybe you need help.

It has been awhile since you looked for another job or prepared for an interview.

Well, you may want to pause and read this free tool, 31 Free Workplace Tools to Prepare for Your Next Job.  In today’s socially astute environment, there are additional considerations and action to take before hitting send on the next job posting.


Changing Your Workplace?

Tools for your online resume, blog or portfolio

Employed and looking for a new job? Solo Entrepreneur? Launching a Start-Up? Need an online presence to promote your skills or services?

Chances are that you have been busy earning a living or pursuing clients – meaning creating websites and blogs are not your primary skill.

Where to start?

Does anyone offer free or inexpensive website building resources? This worksheet includes is a list of resources to get your started – at little or inexpensive cost.

Free Download