image - key traits MH

"Excellent - Very knowledgeable in healthcare 
field; practical information with excellent skill 
set with computers; patient care management 
in addition to the business knowledge and 
experience.Excellent speaker, trainer 
and  motivator."

~ Surgeon, Detroit, MI


"After completing your Train-the-Trainer courses, we were
so much better prepared to conduct the training for our workforce 
which the many details of the new software implementation. 
Fantastic delivery and a great professional!"

~  Lead Trainer, Retail Client, Riverdale, CA


"In my GIPM role, every few weeks or so I like to sit in 
on the training mainly to the see and hear the customers 
reaction and feedback to the product. In today’s session
I was very impressed with the content and the way 
you presented it within the allotted time frame.   
In order for my teams(s) to successfully
deploy the product we must have a good bridge.  
Michel, Again, thank you for helping our business users understand 
the change and huge productivity gain potential 
of using the (new) product."

~ VP, Oil & Gas Client, Houston, TX



"....was an excellent presenter inspiring interest in 
a difficult topic of policies and procedures." 

~ HR Manager, Police Department, NY


"Your ability to translate challenging topics into 
real world solutions -speaks well to your adaptability, flexibility 
and focus on the customer audience.  
This is a true talent."

~ VP, Mortgage and Banking, Jacksonville, FL


"....was an excellent presenter inspiring
 interest in a difficult topic."

~ Systems Administrator, Bloomington, MN