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Supporting people and organizations that need to improve the processes, procedures, and collaboration impacting their customers, employees and businesses. Developing the skills of workers in an ever-changing, global impact marketplace.

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The Workplace Bullying Discussion Kit

The Victim, the Witness, and the Organization

A toolkit to creating a strategy for handling uncivil behavior in the workplace to address the difficult, damaging, and expensive interactions – for the target, the witness, and the organization. 


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How to Effectively Resolve Conflicts in the Workplace

If you are facing constant conflict with your team member, then you should know that workplace conflict is common. According to research, over 85% of working people experience conflict in the workplace. Moreover, 29% of employees report they cope with workplace conflict on a daily basis with coworkers, customers, or even their manager

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HTHome Office Style

Afrocentric, Bohemian Style for the Office

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Building Change Management Process and Strategies

The In an Ever-Changing Business Environment

All around us, technologies, processes, people, ideas, and methods change, affecting the way we communicate, work, and live. Having a defined process and strategy will support the transition when change and attendees will gain some valuable skills through this workshop.