HTDigest5 | Exit Interviews, Happy Workforce

HTDigest | Stories of the Workplace ♦ HUMAN RESOURCES  The many upsides of a happy workforce BBC Capital . Lennox Morrison Articles and surveys have repeatedly highlighted that many in today's workforce are unhappy, which can impact the bottom line for a business.  Enter a new resource, the consultant who specialized in helping you design a … Continue reading HTDigest5 | Exit Interviews, Happy Workforce

Workplace | 7 Ways to Handle Issues

  Building an effective issue resolution set of skills are important component of creating an effective workplace team environment. Unresolved workplace issues often result in loss of productivity,  barriers to collaboration, lack of team cooperation, and the stifling of creativity. How can you recognize the under current of issues?  What can you as an individual … Continue reading Workplace | 7 Ways to Handle Issues

HTDigest1 | Change Culture, Cubicles… 

We love articles that give “best practices”, lessons learned and actionable tips or steps that we can use to improve our workplace environment.  We hope you will find nuggets that you can utilize in your working life also. Change Culture, Cubicles...   Try and Change Culture without Emotion 10 Easy Ways To Create A Healthy Workplace The … Continue reading HTDigest1 | Change Culture, Cubicles… 

[Video] Workplace Bullying: Bottom-Line Costs to Your Organization

♦  WITNESSING THE BULLYING BEHAVIOR  ♦   Watch Video   You witnessed the repeated, demeaning or difficult behavior.  Maybe you were the recipient of caustic tone, the public dismissals or the constant rework assigned to you, while others witnessed your public humiliation in your workplace. They could not speak up for fear that the workplace bully … Continue reading [Video] Workplace Bullying: Bottom-Line Costs to Your Organization

Harassment – Why Should We Care

HTDigest #17   |   Stories of the Workplace  ♦!2f5511c7c25e1be855628e6b7aad5d5230211e45       #Workplace Civility |  Bullying  |  Harassment Firefighters fired after noose was found hanging on black colleague's family photo  CNN   .   Tina Burnside Imagine - the photos of your loved ones that you protect and cherish are damaged and defaced by the people you work … Continue reading Harassment – Why Should We Care

Postponed: Biz Writer’s Retreat

Postponed:    Noir Biz Writer's Retreat,  scheduled for this  Saturday,  December 9, has been postponed.  We will update you with information in the new year.   Please contact us here with any questions.   Visit here and join us for our next live event!     Other Projects Creating Custom Workshops Boot Camp  –  Need Live, Actionable Training and Coaching on … Continue reading Postponed: Biz Writer’s Retreat