Creating Custom Workshops for Your Team, Organization, and Business!

Each workshop requires an analysis of the business goals, and the needs of the workforce.  Available custom workshops include:

  •    Civility in Today’s Workplace

  •    Skills for Today’s Collaborative Team

  •    Team Respect and Civility

  •    New Hire Onboarding – Add Civility 


Addressing the issues of workplace civility and worker respect

The Civility in  Today’s Workplace workshop targets people and businesses encountering the increasing problems with workplace collaboration, respect and civility.


Remote Project Teams   .  Diverse Teams   .  Competing Goals  

The Skills for a Collaborative Team workshop  focuses on the civil behavior required for a diverse group of team members coming together for a common business goal.  In many cases, the members of the project team reporting to different managers, with competing business expectations and goals.

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What is Lynchpin?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, it is “one that serves to hold together parts or elements that exist or function as a unit”.  What critical elements are needed on the team, on the job to create a unit?  When the unit member or the needs of the business changes, how can civility standards and process impact positively to maintain a new functional unit?

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New Hire Onboarding – Add Civility

Your recently hired a new team member.  They will be joining your group and expected to hit the ground running.  Before that starts, there are few necessary topics to review and address.  While you have their eager and undivided attention to your standard compliance training (workplace violence, sexual harassment, safety, etc), you want to address your expectations for workplace civility within your organization.

How should you begin?  What topics should be covered?  Should it be reviewed annually – for new hires and existing employees?  Consultants and Contractors?

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