Each workshop requires an analysis of the business goals, and the needs of the workforce.


Addressing the issues of workplace civility and worker respect


The Civility in  Today’s Workplace workshop targets people and businesses encountering the increasing problems with workplace collaboration, respect and civility.

Are you a start-up?  A small business with a even-smaller staff?  Is your team remote?  Have a project team that experiences ineffective communication?  Size and scope of the business does not prevent or eliminate the issue of workplace civility.  Recent studies indicate that more than 50% of today’s workforce has been a witness or experience workplace bullying, or lack of civility.

One quarter of the offenders we surveyed said that they didn’t recognize their behavior as uncivil” according to an article entitled “The Price of Incivility“, written by Christine Porath  and Christine Pearson for the Harvard Business Review.

Start-up and established organizations alike need to acknowledge, identify and track workplace incivility.  The impact of incivility to our co-workers, teams, and our business is too high to ignore.  Taking proactive steps to address and set expectations for civil behavior is key.

The Civility in  Today’s Workplace workshop covers:

  • Civility and the Rewards
  • Creating and Maintaining a Workplace Civility Policy
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities
  • Effective Work Etiquette
  • Civility and New Hire Onboarding

Available Formats:

  • Full Day Course   .   Half Day Course   .   Virtual Live Course





Remote Project Teams   .  Diverse Teams   .  Competing Goals  


The Skills for a Collaborative Team workshop  focuses on the civil behavior required for a diverse group of team members coming together for a common business goal.  In many cases, the members of the project team reporting to different managers, with competing business expectations and goals.

Life is not a solo act.  It is a huge collaboration.  ~ Tim Gunn

Skills for a Collaborative Team covers

  • Impact of Positive Team Collaboration
  • Identifying the Signs of Potential Team Conflict
  • Planning for Team Conflict
  • Handling Competing Business Goals
  • Managing Expectations
  • Best Practices



   “I am very happy I chose to take the course and look forward to doing more with Michel…”

   “The facilitator was very knowledgeable … She was also sharp. She kept me engaged and made me want to hear more about being productive whether it be at home or at work. This class came at the right time for me and also was presented very well. The instructor is one of the best I have seen…”

   “The course content and delivery by Michel was engaging and got me thinking about all the areas of my life …”


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