Workplace Inclusiveness

Everyone has value in the workplace. Each team member hired was perceived with value to the team, the customer, the business. Celebrate it.

A key stumbling block to group cohesion and team spirit is the perception that some are valued more than others.

Track it. Measure it. Change it.

Upskill it.

Hollywood’s View, Bullies in the Workplace

13 Movies Highlighting the Issues + Solutions

Knowing you need to effectively deal with bully doesn’t get them to stop the behavior. It’s what happens after you decide to address the behavior. Download your guidebook to some of Hollywood’s honored films across multiple decades of workers, environments and issues. Watch the movies to reveal issues and behaviors within the teams and the workplace. Review what works (or doesn’t), create a action plan, and change your workday interactions for the better… TODAY!

Fresh Spotlight

“Just because you are right, does not mean, I am wrong. You just haven’t seen life from my side.”


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