Updated 3/5/2020

Did we make any impact?

Let’s Focus on Workplace Civility, Quality of Training and the Work Environment

Curated below are the top 10 most read articles at HobsonTraining.com during the last quarter.  If you didn’t get a chance to read them all, now is your chance.  Here they are (in order of popularity).

  Top 10 Articles  

  1. 13 Movies With Workplace Bullying
  2. What Skills are Needed for Today’s Workforce
  3. We Need Help With Workplace Bullying
  4. 8 Patterns of Workplace Bullying Behavior
  5. Worksheet | Discussing the Bad Behavior in the Workplace
  6. The Bully in the Workplace
  7. Bullying Resources
  8. Infographic  | Workplace Bullying
  9. Workplace Civility – Decency Expected
  10. Workplace Bullying – Bottom Line Costs to Your Organization

   Honorable Mention | Other Popular Articles

  1. Skip the Exit Interview … or not?
  2. Measuring the Trusts in the Workplace
  3. Workplace #MeToo

Light Bulb Moment

How many times have you walked into a classroom and during the introductions an audience member stated:    “I don’t know why … (read more)