Updated 2/24/2020

These days almost 75% of workers have reported an experience with workplace bullying – either as a witness or a victim, according to recent research by Dr. Judy Blando and an article written by Christine Comaford for Forbes.com.  

According to a 2014 survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, more than 55% of bullied workers are between the age of 40 through 50 years of age.

  • You need tips and methods to handle the situation.
  • You want to know what has worked for others.
  • So how can you handle the bullying?  What can you change?

You may need to change your reaction to the bullying.  What may have worked with the schoolyard bully may need a different approach in the workplace. 

You want to know how to explain the bullying you are experiencing and what steps you can take to handle the bully differently – whether a co-worker or your boss.  After all, finding a new job takes time and you want to survive while you are searching for your next position.   Here are some steps that other workplace victims have used.

Keep reading, there are tips for the organization to address workplace bullying as well.

Let’s Review

Utilize infographic and keep it handy as a reference.  It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but merely one of the tools available to help you navigate the difficult workplace you currently find yourself in.

  • Review it periodically.
  • Enhance the list with solutions of your own.
  • Select one of the tips and track your activity.   Identify if your interactions with the bully have changed and why?

Don’t forget to:

  • Keep records of the bullying that you experience
  • Include names of witnesses, dates of occurrence and details of what happened
  • Keep the log confidential and privately stored.
  • Research for solutions and tips.
  • Observe how other team members, managers, and co-workers interact and handle the workplace bully. Is it working for them? Is there a possible tip or solution that you can try?

Workplace Bullying – What Can You Do

The Individual vs The Organization

To Download the complete infographic, click here


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