It’s happening to you – or you are witnessing it.

In your workplace.

Sometimes daily.  It is overwhelming, demeaning and you want hope, something or possible solutions. You want to know what you can do – if anything. Currently, there is no magic wand (we looked) to cure and stop bullying of your coworkers, teams and bosses.  But we wanted to help in some way.  One way is to identify available resources – that you can access to get help, understanding, and realize you are NOT imagining it.   It is real.

Here are some of the best workplace bullying resources I use:

Journal articles, videos, reports and webinars.

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   Minding the Workplace

Workplace articles focused on solutions
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   Workplace Bullying Institute

A collection of workplace surveys, books, training and tools to combat workplace bullying.

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  The Healthy Workplace Bill

Blog focused on Healthy Workplace Campaign in the USA.

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   Civility Partners

Focuses on the penalties and challenges of an unhealthy workplace, and the rewards of a civil working environment.

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Discussion of bullying and it’s impact in the workplace, school and other areas of your life.

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A new resource to prepare for your workplace meetings

If you like a process and flow, you might like something new we’re working on. We prepared a small and effective resource to help you speak with your manager (or team members)  with increased confidence.

It’s a an organized tool that lets you identify the most important elements of the upcoming meeting / conversation that you care about.  This will hep you to be more confident, and definitely more prepared during the meeting discussion – potentially improving the outcome.  We know what to do already, but this gives us an organized framework for planning – for every 1:1 meeting.

Ready to check it out?
Get the Difficult Conversation Checklist (DCC), a simple tool that helps you prepare for your next difficult meeting with your boss —  and the tool is interactive and usable for each and every conversation.

Get the Difficult Conversation Checklist (


Tools and Checklists

Prepare for the next difficult conversation with your boss or your peers.

Courses and Seminars

Bringing together “like minds” focused on improving civility in the workplace.

Digital Audio Posts

Audio discussion of topics related to workplace bullying

Apparel + Outwear

Promote civility as you move through your day! Shop #Civility Catalog