You witnessed the repeated, demeaning or difficult behavior.  Maybe you were the recipient of caustic tone, the public dismissals or the constant rework assigned to you, while others witnessed your public humiliation in your workplace. They could not speak up for fear that the workplace bully would turn the attention on them.  Maybe they were just a little relieved that “it wasn’t their turn” this week.  

There is a heavy price to pay as the recipient of bullying behavior. 

Does the organization in which this behavior exists – does the organization feel any consequences of such behavior?


According to Catherine M. Mattice, author of the “Bad Behavior in the Workplace”, the costs of bad behavior can be calculated in the expenses incurred due to distraction from assigned work tasks, time lost from work, business expenses, legal costs in dealing with the issues of bullying behavior, and communication breakdown.”

Workplace Bullying:   7 Bottom-Line Costs to Your Organization

  1. Decreased Number of Customers
  2. Impact to Company Reputation
  3. Quality of Work Product Produced
  4. Increased Litigation Expenses
  5. Lost Productivity
  6. Increased Stress-related Illnesses
  7. Employee Absences

Is there a cost to bad behavior in the workplace?  The answer is a resounding “yes”!

   $1 Million Dollars:    According to an article, written by Eric Goldschein and Kim Bhasin, entitled “14 Surprising Ways Employees Cost Their Companies Billions In The Workplace”, workplace bullying litigation settlements can range between $200,000 and $1.2 million.

   $8 Million  Dollars:   This does not include the reported average of $8 million in lost productivity expense.

   Increased Healthcare Expenses:   According to a recent 2015 article posted on the site, entitled “10 Facts You Need to Know About Workplace Bullying“, health costs to both the employer and the bullied victim increase in the workplace environment where bullying exists.  The victims frequently report loss of concentrations, anxiety, loss of sleep and frequent headaches as a result of the behavior.

In conclusion, more attention is needed to identify not only the costs of workplace bullying, but the value in investing in the proactive prevention of workplace bullying and the support for those who are victimized in the workplace.


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