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What Causes the Issues Between You and Your Co-Workers?

Not every person on the job will agree, especially not every day.  This is expected.  What do you when the issues, and disagreements escalate beyond the norm into abusive, bullying behavior?  Is there anything or any control that you can take to reduce the impact on you and your workplace?

The latest book “Workplace Bullying, What Can Be Done“, is  focused on actionable steps  you can take to tackle bullying that you experience almost daily in your current  job.

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What’s included:

The Problem with Workplace Bullying

► Examples of Verbal Workplace Bullying

► Consideration for the Victim

► Workplace Bullying Costs to Your Organization 7

► Impact on the Victim

► Impact on the Witness

Workplace Civility – What Can Done?

► Daily Interactions

► Difficult Workplace Conversations

► Document the Bullying Behavior

► Group Meetings


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Signature Services - 1 hour Learning Development