Difficult Manager Tips

  • Focus on your boss’s strengths
  • Keep track of interactions.  Document every conversation safely and securely
  • Extend your reach beyond your immediate manager
  • Widen your circle of contact to include other managers, including your boss’s boss
  • Reach to other co-workers who interact with your immediate manager;  Observe what is working for others in their dealings with your boss
  • Look out for yourself, your health and your sanity  above all
  • Create a “Plan B” (job transfer; move to another team; create a side business; work for another company)
  • Identify your boss’s preferred style of communication  (email; person-to-person; prepare an agenda; advanced notice / discussion;  adapt your style)
  • Plan ahead; How do you want the next conversation to proceed?  Create an agenda and plan your desired outcome.

Difficult Conversations with Your Boss

Is every meeting with your manager calm, civil and productive? Maybe a little preparation would help.

Difficult Coworkers Tips

  • Design a workplace civility policy for your team. Communicate it to everyone.  Review policy frequently.
  • Mix the seating in meetings; Change frequently and consistently; break up the traditional group seating whenever possible.
  • Demonstrate common courtesy to all you are in contact with; please, hello, thank you.
  • Be present; listen intently; set devices on vibrate or silent; no viewing devices while others are speaking; look speakers in the eye.
  • Acknowledge everyone  you encounter – especially if you are within 3 feet.
  • Document every encounter – and keep it safe, secure and confidential.


Difficult Conversations with Your Coworkers

Practicing behaviors that lead to greater team work and improved communication in the workplace.