♦ Difficult Manager Tips

  • Focus on your boss’s strengths
  • Keep track of interactions.  Document every conversation safely and securely
  • Extend your reach beyond your immediate manager
  • Widen your circle of contact to include other managers, including your boss’s boss
  • Reach to other co-workers who interact with your immediate manager;  Observe what is working for others in their dealings with your boss
  • Look out for yourself, your health and your sanity  above all
  • Create a “Plan B” (job transfer; move to another team; create a side business; work for another company)
  • Identify your boss’s preferred style of communication  (email; person-to-person; prepare an agenda; advanced notice / discussion;  adapt your style)
  • Plan ahead; How do you want the next conversation to proceed?  Create an agenda and plan your desired outcome.


♦ Difficult Coworkers Tips

  • Design a workplace civility policy for your team. Communicate it to everyone.  Review policy frequently.
  • Mix the seating in meetings; Change frequently and consistently; break up the traditional group seating whenever possible.
  • Demonstrate common courtesy to all you are in contact with; please, hello, thank you.
  • Be present; listen intently; set devices on vibrate or silent; no viewing devices while others are speaking; look speakers in the eye.
  • Acknowledge everyone  you encounter – especially if you are within 3 feet.
  • Document every encounter – and keep it safe, secure and confidential.