Updated 3/9/2020

Difficult Manager Tips

Focus on your boss’s strengths

Keep track of interactions.  

Document every conversation safely and securely

Extend your reach beyond your immediate manager

Widen your circle of contact to include other managers, including your boss’s boss

Reach to other co-workers who interact with your immediate manager  

Observe what is working for others in their dealings with your boss

Look out for yourself, your health and your sanity above all

Create a “Plan B

Identify your boss’s preferred style of communication 

  • email
  • person-to-person
  • prepare an agenda
  • advanced notice / discussion
  • adapt your style

Plan ahead. Identify how do you want the next conversation to proceed? 

Create an agenda and plan your desired outcome.

Workplace Bullying – What Can Be Done?

This downloadable eBook is focused on actionable steps you can take to tackle bullying that you experience (or witness) almost daily in your current job role or responsibility. Topics include:

  • Verbal Workplace Bullying
  • Bullying Costs to Your Organization
  • Impact on the Victim and the Witness
  • Handling Difficult Workplace Conversations
  • Documenting the Bullying Behavior