Updated 3/31/18, 3/9/2020

HTDigest Stories of the Workplace

Issue #5

Bullied Kindergarten Teacher Awarded $100k


After making a written complaint about bullying manager, a teacher was placed on leave. while an investigation was conducted.   The complaint was upheld.  Read more


6 Life-Affirming Ways to Lift Your Morale When Things are Melting Down Around You

www.theladders.com  .  Ladders  .   Monica Torres

Although this article is directed at managers and influencers in the workplace, there are several key points we can all use to address the work-related chaos and “crazy” that occurs, such as “lead yourself”.  Read more

A Third Of Workers Have A Coworker Who Makes Them Want To Quit

www.theladders.com  .   Ladders   .   Jane Burnett

Envy your peers with the tech company jobs?  According to the article, more than 30% of male or female workers surveyed indicated they wished to change jobs because of coworker’s behavior.  You are not alone!  Read more

“Trump Effect” Hits Workplace Morale:  HR, Leadership Experts

www.nbcdfw.com  .  NBC

Reports of difficult and unethical behavior in the office have increased, according to a recent April 2017 survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute.  Read more

Former adjutant general employee alleges harassment

The Garden City Telegram

Michaela Divoll, a former Kansas Adjutant General Department employee, alleges she faced more than two years of workplace harassment.  Read more

How AI could fight sexual harassment at the workplace

newyorkpost.com   .  New York Post . John Brandon

Artificial Intelligence can already monitor and analyze worker’s emails when using corporate services or  company supported apps.  Did you know that AI can be a reporting tool to analyze the content for  sexually explicit messages and content.     Read more