Stories of the Workplace

Difficult Conversations; Civility is Critical

(Updated 3/31/18  Issue #8)

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Richmond’s debate over Confederate statues begins with remarkable civility. Will it last?  . Richmond Times Dispatch  .  Ned Oliver

Members say they’re not sure how long the civility they’ve encountered thus far will hold when the full commission meets Wednesday for its first public …  Read more

What Three Nobel Laureates Can Teach Us About Civility in America

HuffPost .  .  Jack Leslie

Civility is  a reasonable expectation of leadership, no matter the profession.  Read More

Research Shows 3 Ways to Bring More Humanity to the Workplace

Entrepreneur · Dara Blumenthal

Do you take the time to provide consideration and humanity within the scope of your daily work interactions?  What can you do?   Will your individual humanity make a difference?  Read More

Grothman on Civility in Washington DC

Congressman Glenn Grothman recently joined and met with a bipartisan group for civility with other lawmakers in Washington D.C.  Read more



How to gracefully avoid touchy conversations topics

#FollowNews .  Emily Price

It happens to all of us.  You are in a meeting, perhaps a one-on-one, or an open-door meeting.  Or an interview.  You are asked a question that you are uncomfortable manner.  What should you do?  Read More…

What to Do When a Co-Worker Is Trash-Talking You

INC  .   .  Alison Green

What would you do if you overheard your co-working spreading negative information or gossip on you?  Or if they called you on the phone to discuss gossip about you?  What would you do?  Read More