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HTDigest #13 | Issue October 17, 2017

New Study Confirms Our Sneaking Suspicion That Women Are Given Harder Job Interviews Than Men  .  Erin Reimel

Recent findings of videotaped interviews indicate that women are interrupted while speaking and that women are asked more followup questions than male candidates. Assumptions are made regarding the credibility, experience, and competence.  How did women handle the interviews?  Read more

The Lesson of the Google Firing for Innovation

The Christian Science Monitor  .  The Monitor’s Editorial Board

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4 TED Talks  that will help you hire the best team

Ladders .  Jane Burnett
  • Mellody Hobson:  Color Blind or  Color Brave
  • Cameron Russell:  Looks Aren’t Everything
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied:  What Does My Headscarf Mean to You?
  • Paul Bloom:  Can Prejudice Ever Be a Good Thing?

Why these particular talks?  Read more


‘Hawaii Five O’ Cast Departures Highlight Racial Wage Gap in TV

The Washington Post  .  Sonia Rao

Actors and actresses of color have challenges in getting work and quality roles that represent their diversity of skill.  But getting the role may be just the beginning.  What happens when the negotiations for salary based upon the show’s impact, profitability and success occur?  Is there pay parity for all the talented resources lending their skills to the successful program.  Read more

After racial tensions, over 150 CEOs to sign a groundbreaking pledge to create diverse workforces  .  Jane Burnett

With the launch of CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, there are 50 industries represented with the stated goal of “simply put, organizations with diverse teams perform better”.  What’s their next actionable step?  Read more