Stories of the Workplace

Issue #2


Updated 3/31/18, 4/9/2020

EEOC Guidance on Harassment Calls for Civility Training  .  Allen Smith, J.D.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recommends training employees on civility.  What should the training include?  Read more

Constantine Villages Adopts Civility Statement  .  Angie Birdsall

In an attempt to set a standard for  conducting business meetings, a civility statement was created to address disagreements and conduct.  How will it be enforced?  Read more


Prosecutor: Human Resources Director Stole Nearly $1M

U.S. News & World Report

Accusations of theft of nearly one million dollars by an employee over a period of several months.  Read more

Google has fired the employee behind that controversial diversity manifesto

Washington Post  .  Victoria Walker

An employee communicates his views throughout the organization and the company reacts swiftly. Read more