Fresh Spotlight

 A full cup must be carried steadily.

~ an English proverb

I know.

Talking to your boss is your all-time favorite thing to do at work. You are bombarded with:

  • meetings (subject of a different post)
  • “drive-by” conversations
  • walking hallway discussions
  • email alerts
  • social media notifications.

Then you check your calendar, and realize that you have a one-on-one with your boss coming up.

Maybe it is your:

  • quarterly performance review
  • bi-weekly 1:1 “stay in touch” meeting.

You dread the meeting before it starts. You hate the meeting while it is occurring.  You leave feeling bullied, disheartened, and frustrated. Some of your peers exit their meetings appearing enthusiastic. Some appear to have the same results you do, and you avoid each other for the rest of the day to recover – until the next time.

  • What are the enthusiastic team members doing?
  • How is it working for them and not you?
  • What can you do?

Well – I asked!


Difficult Conversations with Your Boss

Is every meeting with your manager calm, civil and productive? Maybe a little preparation would help.

One colleague indicated that she always, always plans ahead for the meeting.  Specifically, she asks herself:  ” How do you want the next conversation to proceed?”  Then she creates an agenda and plan her desired outcome.”

A quick and easy resource

You may be aware that we develop and deliver live workshops events and digital courses for the workplace here at – and we hope you will join us in the future.

This resource is different, fast and easy.

It is meant to help you narrow your focus for the upcoming difficult conversation, stay on track, and plan your strategy – quickly and immediately.

It involves using our Difficult Conversations Checklist (DCC) – a simple resource that can improve the duration and outcome of the next one-on-one meeting with our manager.

The Difficult Conversations Checklist (DCC) helps you:

  • define the key agenda topics towards your meeting goals
  • provide strategies  to navigate  the difficult moments
  • focus on the impression you wish to portray during the one-on-one
  • plan your meeting exit strategy

Let’s get started

We are offering the Difficult Conversations Checklist (DCC) with an audio discussion for $9.

Download it now and you’ll have the tool to start planning that next meeting within the hour.

Here’s what you get

The checklist is designed to be useful for anyone in the workplace – from those working in retail to healthcare to corporate – who want to find a way to improve the quality of the meetings with their boss, and achieve an improved, less stressful result.

We understand that despite the current difficulty in the workplace with your boss, that today may not be the best time to leave for greener pastures.  (though we understand if you are already working on “plan b”. )

The Difficult Conversations Checklist (DCC) will give you a tool that you can modify and utilize to prepare for your conversations with our manager, and help make frequent small steps to a civil working communication style with your boss.

Whether you are a recent college graduate, experienced team member, or first-line manager caught in the middle, this checklist will help you to prepare – in advance, and with a plan to improve.