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Issue March 2018

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Articles that give “best practices”, lessons learned and actionable tips/steps to improve our workplace environment


World Civility Day Celebration   .   Deborah Laverty

Third annual World Civility Day celebration in Indiana will be…  Read more

Volatile meeting calls up issue of civility

Richmond Times Dispatch  .   Laura McFarland

The author asks a question that applies to many meetings and business dealings.  “When does being passionate about an issue cross the line into being rude or lacking in manners?”  Read more

   Workplace Bullying

Canada | Staffers on Parliament Hill Call For Closer Look at Workplace Bullying

Employment Law Today  .   Joanna Smith

Results of a survey provide devastating insight into the issues faced today.  According to the article, one respondent indicated “”Many staffers have broken down, were forced out of their jobs, and many have contemplated suicide over the intense harassment and exploitation of staffers.”   Read more

   Workplace Harassment

Saint Mary’s College hosting a workplace sexual harassment workshop

WNDU 16 News

The workshop is titled “Leading by Example: The Impact of Change.” Read more

   Workplace Safety

Warren presses Department of Defense to monitor contractors’ workplace safety

Compliance Week  .   Joe Mont

According to the article, “OSHA found that shipbuilder VT Halter Marine, Inc., has repeatedly and willfully violated federal safety standards, resulting in the deaths and serious, permanent injuries of multiple workers. But the company has continued receiving Navy contracts.”  Read more