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What is the your manager’s preferred way to communicate?

In today’s global environment, with remote assignments and working from home, plus open environments, the communications styles you use must be flexible.  Take a moment and think back to the methods your manager uses to communicate with you.

The style can be a combination of methods, or a singular method.

  • Email
  • Face to Face, one-on-one communication
  • Meeting format with pre-planned agendas and followup minutes
  • Hallway, stand-up style updates
  • Coffee room reviews
  • “Drive-by” in the open environment

Whatever method your manager seems to prefer, consider adapting your  communication style for most critical conversations, such as performance concerns, salary discussions, etc.   By taking the time to preplan the discussion, and adapting your communication style to your manager’s preferred style, ideally, this will move the focus to the content of the communication.

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