Fresh Spotlight

The lack of knowledge is darker than the night.

African Proverb

Light Bulb Moment

The “ah-ha” moment when they realize that there is knowledge or skill learned that is applicable to their particular responsibilities. The participant literally beams or nods with this one nugget of learning.

Throwing in the Towel

Many of the newer team members had never had formal training in the learning and development profession, let alone courses in time management, preparation, training delivery, questioning techniques or presentation skills.

Evaluation of Training Received

Asking for and receiving feedback – whether verbally, written, or tweeted, especially in real time – allows an organization and it’s team members to improve service, attract and retain talented, responsive employees and remain competitive.



Difficult Conversations with Your Coworkers

Practicing behaviors that lead to greater team work and improved communication in the workplace.

Light Bulb Moment

How many times have you walked into a classroom and during the introductions an audience member stated:    “I don’t know why … (read more)