How many times have you walked into a classroom and during the introductions an audience member stated:

  • “I don’t know why I am here!”
  • “My manager signed me up for this class and that’s the only reason I am here”!

The colleague sitting nearby was eagerly awaiting their turn to introduce themselves, but must now follow the “less-than-pleased-to-be-here” attendee.

Fresh Spotlight

The training continues through the day. 

Somewhere in the middle of the training course, it is noticed that everyone is now engaged, asking questions, sharing feedback and involved.  

Isn’t it a great feeling during the training event when you see the “light bulb” moment in that attendee who originally not receptive?

The “ah-ha” moment when they realize that there is knowledge or skill learned that is applicable to their particular responsibilities.  The participant literally beams or nods with this one nugget of learning. 

It appears this piece of knowledge gained has been worth the investment of their workday in your training.  

Light Bulb Moment!

  • Question:   How have you addressed the seemingly closed mind of an attendee – whether  in a classroom or a virtual class? 
  • Share you thoughts!!
Updated 3/18/2020