How many times have you declined or skipped through the survey once you have received customer service from a business?

From the cable company or after speaking with the phone company?

If your service was acceptable, it may seem like a waste of your time.

However, when the service receive is less than stellar, do you share the experience with a friend or a colleague?

Or does the negative experience prompt you to complete the evaluation of service survey?

  • Do you actively seek to share the negative?
  • Who is the recipient of the evaluation feedback?
  • Does anyone actually review the results?
  • Even more important – does anyone take action on the results?

Consider that in today’s fast moving workplace, there is a need to be proactive in order to remain competitor.  

Asking for and receiving feedback – whether verbally, written, or tweeted, especially in real time – allows an organization and it’s team members to improve service, attract and retain talented, responsive employees and remain competitive.

So the next time you are in a training class and it’s time to complete the evaluation, take the time to provide direct feedback.

Cable Company

When the cable company calls with a survey regarding the service you just received from the cable installer, take 5 and respond with details.


When the restaurant manager stops by the table and asks how was your service, provide more than a nod.  Give enough feedback to help the manager educate and train the restaurant staff.

After all, maybe it will improve next dining experience.