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Wisdom begins in wonder.

~ Socrates

  • Want to Establish a Relationship or Connect with Mentors? Attend Training Class!
    Relationship building and interaction occurs organically within a workshop or instructor-led training
  • Learned Something New Today
    No matter the skill level or appearance, everyone on the team brings something valuable to the team – especially if given the opportunity.
  • Who Decides If Training Was Effective?
    Updated 2/27/2020 Are training evaluations completed at the end of a training course – whether virtual, online or classroom – an accurate assessment of the quality of the training session? Many training evaluations are completed quickly by the attendee in a rush to exit training – much like the phone surveys that the banks, cable … Continue reading Who Decides If Training Was Effective?
  • Overwhelmed
    Originally posted on CONTRAST-CONTRAST:
    “Frozen Time” by DGT Architects for CITIZEN.  image source
  • Pitstops and Detours
    With the class roadmap, the experienced instructor has learned how to read the roadside signage – to actively assess the temperature of the audience, listening and observing the body language.
  • Unexpected Barriers

    Need new skills? Need to learn new techniques? Is the information you need readily available, but you are unable to access it due to unforeseen barriers?

  • Roadmap to Early Success
    The newly hired employees will not have any knowledge of the organizational culture, the product or solutions available for their future customers.

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  • Abuse No One
    Abuse no one… for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of vision. ~ Senator John McCain Guidebook
  • Giving Thanks 2020
    Pausing, reflecting, and giving thanks for the people we love and cherish. Enjoy the meal and give thanks… whether hosting via Zoom virtually, outdoors in weather-appropriate clothing, or in your “holiday pod“… let’s celebrate each other safely. Because next year – It’s on!
  • Microaggression – Observe and deal
    Observe and deal with workplace microaggressions
  • Suffering from Overwork
    Suffering from overwork
  • Civility for Your Health
    Civility is another component of nutrition and good health.