Today, I met a fellow trainer on the team – from out of town.


At first glance, he seemed cocky, overconfident, arrogant and questionably dressed for a corporate environment.  He is admittedly an expert in his field of expertise and has earned leeway and consideration from his peers.  After two days locked in a brainstorming meeting with him and other team members revamping an onboarding series of classes, I learned something.

He is quite frankly insightful and brilliant.  His witticisms are always “on-point” and relevant.  His ability to take complex, abstract content and make it clear and relevant – quickly – makes him an asset to the training team.  Whenever the discussion would appear to veer off topic, he would deliver a seemingly funny and directly relevant comment.  These served to bring an immediate halt to the veering discussion, and bring everyone’s focus back to the intended purpose of the meeting.

Why comment at all?   It was just a reminder to myself and everyone on the training team that no matter the skill level or appearance, everyone on the team brings something valuable to the team – especially if given the opportunity and our appreciation.

We would do well to recognize it.

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