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September 2018

Workplace Civility

‘Civility’ is in the eyes of beholder

Times Daily

The Democrats are constantly harping about President Trump’s lack of “civility” and “character.” For the past three decades the Republicans are the …

Civility Watch: Leftists Bombard Susan Collins’ Office with Violent Threats, GOP Candidate …


By Guy Benson

But based on the Civility Police’s rules, this isn’t just mendacious and irresponsible, it could be dangerous. Also, so long as lies like this are willfully …

Playing the Civility Card

Wall Street Journal

By William McGurn

Yet the civility offensive is not without contradiction. How is it that those who presume they possess the moral standing to preach on Mr. Trump’s incivility …

Two longtime political street fighters have a new cause: restoring civility to Trump-era public …

Los Angeles Times

By George Skelton

Former President Obama didn’t mince words denouncing “the politics of division” during a South Africa speech in July. “The politics of fear and …

Obama says Republicans are offering phony civility


Former President Barack Obama says current congressional Republicans are acting polite, so they can get what they want and not be called out for …

Another Voice: Need to recover sense that ‘we are more alike than different’

Hood River

By Antonio Baptista

#Civility (from the Latin: “befitting of a citizen”) propels our collective drive to positively impact our community, and shapes our values, motivation and …

Geoffrey Norman: The Show Flops

Caledonian Record

By Geoffrey Norman

If the death of civility, compromise, moderation and so forth in our politics had ever been in doubt, then the Kavanaugh hearings came along and …

‘Civility’ vs ‘hysteria’ at the Kavanaugh hearings, and what they truly mean

Washington Post

By Monica Hesse

Hysterical: A parade of protesters — mostly women, some men — interrupting the civility at the top of their lungs before being removed by Capitol …

John McCain and the Limits of Civility

The New Yorker

By Osita Nwanevu

It has never been clear whether Obama’s and McCain’s shared civic vision—that preserving civility matters more than achieving ideologically desired …

Judge of Characters: We Gotta Be Civil to These Supremacists for What?

The Root TV

Danielle Young

“Why is it an issue of civility…”

There Was Never a Bipartisan, Civil Era. There Has Always Been a Battle of Ideas in the US.

– Daily Signal

George Smith: Bring civility to your life

Civility is very good for you. Last week’s column told you about some of the things I learned at the 32nd annual Thomas Nevola MD Symposium in …

DL Hughley Shreds Trump and His Administration’s Request for ‘Civility’

Atlanta Black Star

By Tia Berger

During an interview with MSNBC, actor D.L. Hughley shined light on President Trump’s offensive actions and his officials who called for “civility”.

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