Stories of the Workplace


Issue #4

Updated 3/31/18

This Tech Company Gives Employees $5,000 for Yearly Vacation and 4-day Weeks . Chris Weller  / Business Insider

This small web development company is focused on retaining its talented team with creative, generous benefits and above average salaries. The CEO’s stated impact is to allow his team to “distance yourself from this trend of being always on, always working”.   Read More

3 Ways To Disconnect From The Office And Enjoy Your Vacation · Level Up, Forbes Staff

In a workplace where there are so many distractions, and examples of workplace stress, and incivility, the value of your vacation cannot be overstated.  But taking a vacation from your workplace requires more planning than booking a hotel in an exotic location, and leaving your mobile device.   Read More

 9 Reasons to Take a Vacation ASAP, According to Science  .  HuffPost  .  Renee Jacques

Want to be better at your job?  Need to be more creative?  Signs point to the need for your much earned vacation.  Why?  How to feel comfortable taking a vacation that you earned?   Read more


We Did Nothing on Vacation and I Am Not Sorry  .  HuffPost  Healthy Living .  Elizabeth Wildman

Overbooked and overwhelmed?  Need to dial back the social commitments?  So exhausted that even the thought of making hotel, rental car and airline reservations leaves you reeling?  Take the vacation days – and consider doing absolutely nothing.

Could you? Would it work?  How?  Read more

Today's Takeaway:   Vacations - Plan it, Take it, You Earned it!