Updated 3/8/2020

Excerpt from “11 Tips Your Manager May Not Share“.

Some workplaces require business software tools that record your time. Some examples would be:

  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Discord

Whether you are a non-exempt employee, salaried staff member, virtual worker or small business owner, be aware that others are watching.

The tool documents and notes what time you are online – and – how long your “online status” indicates you were unavailable or offline.

The software tool captures how long “you are away” – for whatever reason – whether for running business errands, working out at the gym, printing at the local coworking space, etc if you are “logged in during working hours, etc.

More importantly, they are sharing this information informally.  Sooner or later, your manager will be made aware, whether directly or indirectly.

If needed, track your working hours – confidentially and consistently.


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