Workplace Productivity

According to a survey, “The State of Meetings Report”, conducted by Doodle, most American professionals spend an average of 60+ minutes per day in meetings. 

When asked how meetings can negatively impact their workday, respondents reported:

  • Not enough time to complete assigned responsibilities
  • Confusion and unclear directions
  • Slow progress  and loss of focus within assigned projects
  • Inefficient processes

What can we do to improve the outcome of meetings? Are there any benefits of meetings that we can salvage?

In this article roundup, we have curated some key considerations.

  • Just Say No: How Your Meeting Habit Is Harming You, by Sebastian Bailey. Read more here
  • The State of Meetings Report 2019, by Doodle. Read more here
  • $37 billion per year in unnecessary meetings, what is your share?, by Read more here
  • Why Meetings Are One of the Worst Business Rituals. Ever., by Anna Johansson. Read more here
Updated 4/14/2020

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