As a corporate trainer or instructor, how many times have you arrived to the training location, only to find 2 or 3 attendees have arrived earlier and are waiting  for you?

Or you find the training room door locked with no one around to provide access at this early hour?

One of the key factors for a successful training class event is the preparation and planning for the common problems that occur.

By anticipating potential training issues, whether content or logistical, we can visualize and create potential solutions that allow the training classes and events to be productive and successful for the client and attendees.

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Attendees Arrived Earlier than Planned
  • Know and suggest the nearest coffee or beverage refreshment location.
  • Highlight the nearest quiet corner with internet access connectivity.
  • Confirm the attendees have parked in the correct location.
  • Confirm when the class event will be ready and available.
Room Door Locked / No One Available
  • Prior to your arrival onsite, contact the local resource (by phone with email follow-up)
  • Confirm accessibility to the physical building, elevator access, room(s) and equipment, if applicable.
  • Confirm if sign-in or badge access is needed.
  • Request a contact who will be available at the time of your planned arrival.

Nothing more frustrating than having a support contact whose shift begins long after your training class / event is scheduled to begin.  

 As the trainer, it is so much easier to handle the unexpected if you have a plan of action.

You are prepared!

Updated 12/12/2020. Originally published 11/15/16 on

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