Launch the T3 class

We were ready to launch the T3 class for this week.

Yesterday, we prepared for the first day of the weeklong training class at corporate headquarters.


For our organization, we required that the newly hired trainers complete 32 hours of remote, virtual training and successfully pass an assessment prior to attending the 40 hours of Instructor-Led Train-the-Trainer Workshop held at the corporate headquarters.  This was viewed as a valuable use of resources in a centralized location, and set the stage for the ongoing training that was required on a quarterly basis for all trainers, regardless of tenure.

Pre-Class Checklist

In preparation, we reviewed the Pre-Class Checklist.

  • Confirmed the Director’s scheduled “Welcome” address¬†and Introduction to the new team members?¬† Check!
  • Presentation loaded and audio/visual tested?¬† Check!
  • Arranged for Coffee break in the morning¬†¬†and soda break in the afternoon?¬† Check!
  • Prep’d the classroom and verified the student login and passwords were functional?¬† Check!
  • Refreshed the training exercises for the activities?¬† Check!
  • Verified¬†the online¬†links to the participant guides, quick reference guides and instructor guides?¬† Check!
  • Supplies in the classroom?¬† Check!
  • Backup person on standby to greet people and escort to the classroom?¬† Check!

Streamline the Process

After completing the remainder of the checklist items yesterday,¬†the team ¬†celebrated with an “on-time departure” from the training center.¬† For us – long hours were the common, so checklist was proving to streamline our planning process and reduce our collective preparation time.

This morning, I awakened with the usual first-day anticipation of greeting a new set of team members, excited to be a part of the corporate culture, and willing to embrace the process of onboarding.  My normal routine required that I search blindly by touch for my glasses, switch the remote to my favorite news and weather channel, and move slowly to coffee pot brewing at precisely 5am each morning.  This routine has served me well through many organizations, and many road-warrior hotels.


Routine Interrupted

However, this morning, I keep reaching and searching  Рbut no eyeglasses surface.  No need to panic.  The very last thing that occurs every night is the removal of my glasses.  Unless of course, I fall asleep reading, which means there is a remote possibility that I may not be able to locate my eyeglasses because they have fallen somewhere beyond my immediate reach.

When that occurs, panic begins to set in.  The start of every successful training event (and every day for me) depend upon three things occurring in a timely and orderly manner each day.

Therefore, finding the eyeglasses was critical.

Gathering my  senses and stalling my sense of foreboding, I reached further amongst the pillows and blankets hoping to touch slender wire frames.  After reaching on all sides of the bedding, my fingers happily located the wandering eyeglasses under the book that I had been reviewing the night before.

Crisis averted!

The successful kickoff to another Train-the-Trainer class could now begin Рafter the first sip of coffee.

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(Updated 12/23/15)