Workplace Inclusiveness

Every team member within our teams and organizations deserves to have a clear understanding of expected performance standards. It should not be a surprise or a shock. Workers cannot be held accountable for expectations and goals that have not been clearly discussed, communicated, and documented.

Even more important is having a fair opportunity to excel – equally for all despite ethnicity, culture, race, or experience. A fair opportunity, measurable and achievable within each assigned role. A reasonable expectation is that all will equally be recognized for their efforts, creativity, and excellence.

Inclusion and equity should be only for a chosen few.

Hollywood’s View, Bullies in the Workplace

13 Movies Highlighting the Issues + Solutions

Knowing you need to effectively deal with bully doesn’t get them to stop the behavior. It’s what happens after you decide to address the behavior. Download your guidebook to some of Hollywood’s honored films across multiple decades of workers, environments and issues. Watch the movies to reveal issues and behaviors within the teams and the workplace. Review what works (or doesn’t), create a action plan, and change your workday interactions for the better… TODAY!

Fresh Spotlight

“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.”

– Henry J. Kaiser

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