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~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Men Discussing Sexual Harassment

Should men discuss sexual harassment issues in the workplace openly with their sisters, wives, daughters or nieces?  After all, many of their female family members work within the workplace, and experience these issues.

  • How do they feel about their encounters?
  • How have they handled the harassment, incivility, or bullying?
  • How do working African American fathers, uncles, or husbands discuss the repeated, constant workplace racism they experience, or witness of their colleagues with their family members?
  • Are they preparing their African American daughters and nieces to handle repeated microagressions that will most likely occur – in addition to the sexual harassment they may experience as working women?

Despite recent efforts that focus on workplace sexual harassment, would you be surprised that almost half of approximately 1,000 men surveyed in America responded that they have not heard of the #MeToo movement, and almost half have yet to talk about it openly?

What needs to be done to encourage awareness and discussion?

What our daughters need to know

Can these discussions help our daughters who will join the workplace? 

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