Stories of the Workplace


November 2017

When Black Hair Violates the Dress Code

NPR  .  Kayla Lattimore

Reports of marginalization and zero tolerance policies of black females  in schools and harsher discipline results. 

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Article: “Black Women and the Burden of Success: How to Get Around ‘Black Tax’ and Protect Your Emotional Health at Work“, by Tamara E. Holmes.

Here’s How Trolls Treat the Women of CNET  .  Lynn La

Nasty comments on the internet in response to an article or statement.  We have all observed it.  How much worse are the comments in response to women versus men?  Read more

A Bad Work Environment Can Be Bad for Your Health

CNN .  Daniella Emanuel

What is worse?   The stress of not having a job?  Or the challenges of working in a bad job?  Read more

How to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

Entrepreneur  .  Vivian Maza

What do you think of when you hear the word “inclusive”?   What about “diversity” as it relates to your job? Ask any 10 people and you will get different answers.  Do we need to define them?  Must we agree on the terms or the fact that we must make change?   “Paying lip service to diversity doesn’t work. Here’s what does…”  Read more

How Smart People React When Others Take Credit for Their Work

Ladders  .  Monica Torres

Well, it happened again.  You are not surprised, but what can you do?  Can you enlist a peer co-worker to support you verbally?  Should you assume that  the right people know your contributions?  How to ensure that they do, while helping the other team finished.  Read more