Stories of the Workplace | Bad Behavior at Work and Offboarding Employees

Issue: August 10, 2015

During this week’s articles, we focus on a chronic issue in today’s workplace – bullying.    This often times silent and persistent issue is swept on under the rug, and put on the backburner.  We gathered some of the most interesting articles that may help provide tips, solutions and understanding of this ever-growing workplace issue that needs to be formally addressed in today’s organizations.


The Bad Behavior of Visionary Leaders

“Why would otherwise brilliant men behave in such destructive ways? … The first answer is that they can. Genius covers a lot of sins.”   Read more


Consider ‘Off-boarding’ Your Boomer Employees As They Retire

“… you have a substantial body of hard-working people who would still like to contribute during retirement.” Why not keep them on as subcontractors?  Read More


Bullies at Weatherford College Find Support in Truth-averse 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

“…the evidence did not matter.”   Read More


#Dignity 15 – The Second Annual NWBC Workplace Bullying Awareness Conference
Restoring And Protecting Dignity At Work: Addressing Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying in the Workplace


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Are You a Target of Workplace Bullying? Here’s What to Do about it

3 Mistakes to sidestep and how to correct them while developing a strategy to overcome the painful stress of workplace bullying.  Read More