Every workday is an opportunity to make a difference with our customers, clients, while meeting the needs of the business. Not all training must be formal, but all training must be captured, and skills developed with the defined purpose.

Why is this important?

Who will benefit?

How will benefit(s) be sustained?

Is this learning repeatable, definable, measurable and consistent?

What appropriate training opportunities can be introduced or nurtured within the daily work environment ?


training day

People and leadership development are one of the key mindsets great leaders have in the forefront of their thinking daily.

The “Why” behind it is quite simple – developing their folks is pre-eminent to sustainable growth and success. Without growing people to build their skills and talents, the organization cannot grow and attain it’s goals and overall mission.

But the “How” behind it may not be so simple. How do great leaders make people development a priority?

They make every day a “training day”.

On any given day, and given interaction, they build their people, teach them, cast the vision further, and challenge them to grow in their roles. Each and every interaction is an opportunity to make that person better, more influential.

Not only that, but they instill that same culture of “training day, every day” into their people. This duplicates the efforts of the…

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