New Hire Onboarding – Add Civility 

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   Compliance Training

The New Hire Onboarding – Add Civility course targets businesses encountering who wish to address the ever increasing issue of worker civility – head on and upfront.

  • How should you begin?

  • What topics should be covered?

Your recently hired a new team member.  They will be joining your group and expected to hit the ground running.  Before that starts, there are few necessary topics to review and address.  While you have their eager and undivided attention to your standard compliance training (workplace violence, sexual harassment, safety, etc), you want to address your expectations for workplace civility within your organization.

Should it be reviewed annually for:

  • New hires?
  • Existing employees?
  • Management team?
  • Consultants and Contractors?
  • Frequently used vendors?

Are you a start-up?  A small business with a even-smaller staff?  Is your team remote?  Have a project team that experiences ineffective communication?  Size and scope of the business does not prevent or eliminate the issue of workplace civility.

Taking proactive steps to address and set expectations for civil behavior is key.

    What does the Workshop Include?

The New Hire Onboarding – Add Civility workshop covers:

  • Workplace Civility Policy
  • Civility Basics
  • Optimum Civility Expectations
  • Civility Measurements
  • Best Practices


  • $995 / Per Person


    HOW is the Course Delivered?  What are the Available Formats?

  • Virtual Live Course
  • Half Day Live Course
  • Custom, Onsite class
  • No Pre-work activities required.

    WHO Should Attend

  • Newly Hired Employees
  • Contractors and Consultants


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Need the DIY Option?

I am a small organization with a small team.  May I purchase the course materials and conduct the course myself?

    DIY  –  “New Hire Onboarding – Add Civility Kit”  

The “New Hire Onboarding – Add Civility Kit”  includes the following:


  • Instructor / Facilitator’s Guide
  • Presentation Visuals
  • Agenda Templates
  • Feedback Survey Template
  • Pre-Workshop Preparation Checklist
  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Attendee Participant Guide
  • Activity Guide and Related Materials
  • Workplace Civility Resources

The course materials are available for purchase.   For more details or to purchase the workshop materials, please …