Every time someone enters into my classroom and sits in the chair, I cringe. I cautiously wait for them to balance and arrange all the belongings, the food, the latest mobile gadget, and finally –  the beverage of choice – Coffee or Soda!

I pray that it has a lid on it!

There is never enough room between each computer for everyone to place their food, course materials, and their beverage – never mind arranging the keyboard comfortably on these skinny, and packed desks.  Wires and cords everywhere.

Everyone thinks they can just spread out their belongings, and get comfortable in here – just because the class is 6.5 hours long.

Note to self

This is not your family room or even your home office.   This, my dear participant –  is a place of learning.  The goal is to learn, not be comfortable.

So please – be prepared before you arrive

What does that mean?

  • Please stop and get your favorite beverage before you come to class. 
  • Before you leave the house, please throw a pen or pencil into your bag –  especially those of you who don’t want to touch the same pen that everyone else touched!  
  • You will need a pen to sign the roster, and maybe for the assessment at the end of the class.

Yes, there is an assessment of the skills you learn during the class.  

Why do you care? 

This means no sleeping on the sidelines of class.  No playing with your favorite social media site.   Yes – the instructor knows when you are on Facebook / Twitter, etc. They just choose to ignore you and hope you are paying attention so that you can pass the assessment at the end of class.

Hey – don’t kill the messenger

The manager who approved this course requires some measurement that you learned something or enhanced an existing skill. Just be thankful, they finally converted it to an online assessment, because it’s now open book assessment. 

But don’t worry – I happen to know today’s instructor.  This instructor is pretty good and has not lost a participant to an assessment yet!

Oh – and one last thing… please sit where you can actually read the screen, the white board, and flip chart, etc.  The computer can adjust to you, but the classroom…not so much.

Feel free to move to a better seat location, if available, during the first break. 

Since you are spending your valuable work time here, we would like you to be reasonably accommodated.

Many thanks for coming – Happy Learning!


The Training Room

Updated 2/27/2020



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