Remote Project Teams   .  Diverse Teams   .  Competing Goals


The Skills for a Collaborative Team workshop  focuses on the civil behavior required for a diverse group of team members coming together for a common business goal.  In many cases, the members of the project team reporting to different managers, with competing business expectations and goals.

Life is not a solo act.  It is a huge collaboration.  ~ Tim Gunn
   What Does the Workshop Include?

Skills for a Collaborative Team covers

  • Impact of Positive Team Collaboration
  • Identifying the Signs of Potential Team Conflict
  • Planning for Team Conflict
  • Handling Competing Business Goals
  • Managing Expectations
  • Best Practices

At the end of the workshop, participants will have gained or increased skills to work together with diverse team members in today’s every changing workplace, utilizing the techniques introduced.

“The facilitator was very knowledgeable … She was also sharp. She kept me engaged and made me want to hear more about being productive whether it be at home or at work. This class came at the right time for me and also was presented very well. The instructor is one of the best I have seen…”

    HOW is the Course Delivered?  What are the Available Formats?
  • Virtual Live Course *
  • Full Day Live Course **
  • Half Day Course **

*Pre-work activities are completed prior to the workshop for registered attendees, including virtual session orientation.  There are four online sessions of 90-minutes each.   Virtual technologies may include webinars, conference calls, chat and discussion rooms.

** Available upon request for live in-house or custom workshop.  Contact Us today

    WHO Should Attend?
  • Newly formed teams
  • Project team members
  • New managers responsible for coaching teams
    WHY is Course Attendance Limited?

The workshop is in a virtual learning format.  The workshop includes interactive actions and group activities.

    Client Feedback

“I am very happy I chose to take the course and look forward to doing more with Michel…”

“The course content and delivery by Michel was engaging and got me thinking about all the areas of my life …”

   Workshop Fees

Single participant – $995

   Workshop Dates

4 sessions of 90 minutes each.

To Schedule:

    About the Facilitators
Michel Hobson, M.A. Training and Development

Michel Hobson, M.A. Training and Development, spent 10+ years with IBM, Catapult Software Training, and healthcare in the areas of corporate training, human resources and training implementation. As a training consultant, Michel has worked with various industries and organizations.  Michel is the author of “Workplace Bullying, What Can Be Done?  (eBook); Fierce and Focused, Workplace Quotations to Support Your Working Life, (eBook Amazon);   Til Death, How Does the Avoidance of Technology Skills Training by Healthcare Professionals Affect Patient Care and Safety in Hospitals?  Michel has worked with learning and development teams with Capital One, Bank of America, Circuit City, Parkland Hospital, Community Healthcare Systems, Henry Ford Health Systems, IBM, to name a few.

Workshop participants describe Michel as “very knowledgeable”, “fantastic delivery”, “a great professional”, “very impressed with the content and the way you presented it” and “thank you for helping our business users understand the change”.