It is the 2nd week of new hire training – or onboarding, as we call it in the millennium.  The new employees have completed the majority, if not all of their compliance training. 

In fact, they are making their way through the myriad of paperwork, learning new security logins and passwords, while appearing genuinely interested in the company mission, vision and business objective.

Their new managers are not ready or prepared to meet with them.

In fact, they sincerely hope you have at least an additional day or even a week of onboarding activities for their new hires to complete, while they (the managers) handle the day-to-day responsibilities and put out fires.

That’s okay – because you are ready. 

In today’s ever-changing, global, multi-national, multi-cultural and challenging workplace – there is an additional policy topic that all employees, especially new hires should study during the early days of workplace on-boarding …

workplace civility.

Whether you choose to have a full-blown, onsite, live course, such as Lynchpins in the Workplace or you create your own custom course – the topic of respect and civility cannot be overlooked.

But where do you start?

If you do not have a fully staffed corporate training department, with a regularly scheduled Workplace Civility course (preferably a series of courses, offered quarterly), what can you do?

Take the first step. 

Learn from others and adapt to your particular workplace and culture.

Below we have curated several workplace civility presentations that can help you begin the journey with your new hires.

Review them, and adapt to create your organizational standard of collaborative behavior. 

Set the expectations, create practice scenarios and activities, including common issues and better solutions.

Begin.  Now.   Start. Now

The value of workplace civility for the company and the individual begins with on-boarding.