Whenever we hear the painful, often unimaginable reports of workplace sexual harassment victims – inevitably someone will utter the judgmental phrase “why didn’t she report it“? Many other forms of workplace behavior are ignored, or go unreported.

Think workplace bullying, or micro-aggressive behavior or incivility. Do we question why the receiver of these types of behavior chooses not to report it?

Want an answer?

Go ask a victim.

In fact, ask 3 or 4 victims.

After all – for every 4 of your female acquaintance, colleagues or family members  – at least has experienced sexual harassment, assault or abuse.  When the victimization happens in the workplace, your ability to take care of yourself and your family are impacted.   Many victims report that they will be (or have been) met with skepticism, belittling, and worse.

Victims fear not just for a promotion but for the very existence of their current jobs.  

Go ahead – ask a victim.

I promise you will pause before uttering the phrase “why didn’t’ she report it” in the future.