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Updated 3/8/2020


December 2017 Issue

Workplace Civility

Here’s what to say immediately after your boss makes an inappropriate joke

CNBC  .  Ruth Umoh

It happened one too many times. 

Your boss or your co-worker, or project manager, whoever – told ANOTHER inappropriate joke, or comment or posted a picture on the overhead projector.  You have had it.  You know you want to desperately say something. 

The person may not stop the bad behavior.  But you want it on the record, publicly, that this is not appreciated, wanted, nor shared.  But you don’t want to lose your job either.  What to say?  How to say it?

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When being an after-hours Nazi can get you fired

Business Day  .   Rebecca Greenfield

Impact and considerations:

  • private sector position   .
  • government job   .
  • public sector position   .
  • “at-will” states  .
  • reputations   .
  • work environment.

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6 reasons why your coworkers run when they see you coming down the hallway

The Ladders    .  Jane Burnett

Why are your coworkers seemingly distant or not engaged when you speak or approach?  Do appear resistant, uncaring, unhearing – or always on your mobile device. 

Review the article and see if you recognize some behaviors.

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How not to feel left out and alone at work

The Ladders    .  Jane Burnett

You just joined the company.  Or maybe you just changed departments and report to a different manager with a different team.   They appear to have an established routine and a set style of communication.  Heck – they even go to lunch together – after working for half a day together.  They appear to socialize outside of work even. 

Your goal is to be a value-added team player.  But after a few weeks with the new team, do you feel as though you are still an outsider – unwelcome even? 

You are not imagining it.

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Work Environment 

Why Do Employees Really Quit Their Jobs?

Inc   .  Marcel Schwantes

According to the author, companies experience a significant financial loss for every employee that departs – with the average cost being upwards of $45,00 per departing team member.  Imagine the additional cost for a tenured employee or manager, not just in dollars but company intellect, culture and skills.   The article points out several reasons that employees leave, with the most prominent reason being – their manager.

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You Won’t Hate Your Job As Much After Reading These Insane Workplace Rules From Around The World

by Ashish Dutta

I suspect during a recent happy hour with co-workers or friends, you discussed the crazy things occurring in your workplace.  The rules, the culture, the things co-workers tried to get away with.  Sometimes, it was just the day-to-day sameness.   After reading this article, you may appreciate your work environment a little more.  Some of the workplace rules reported are different.  Some are funny.  Some are shocking.  Some are just plain dumb.  You are forewarned.

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