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Stories of the Workplace

We love articles that give “best practices”, lessons learned and actionable tips or steps that we can use to improve our workplace environment. 

We hope you will find nuggets that you can utilize in your working life also.

Article:  “Try and Change Culture without Emotion”

Author:   Shane Mallory

This article focuses on the natural response to change – any change, and the emotions that are involved.  Ignoring the fact that the emotions of a team, coworkers or even customers to the announced change can impact the workplace and business.  Anyone remember when a major corporation changed the recipe of it’s signature beverage more than thirty years ago?  The public emotion over the change prompted action, but highlighted the need to consider the emotion involved. Changes within process and internal procedures should be reviewed periodically and adapted to the ever changing global business environment.  But considering the emotions involved can smooth the transition.   Read more here

Article:  “10 Easy Ways To Create A Healthy Workplace”

Author:    Leigh Stringer

The author’s key points

  • Be flexible and adaptable – your work environment, location, and hours may change.  The teams may change.  Develop an internal process to handle appropriately.
  • Emphasize and place importance on your own well being and health – whether it is hitting the gym before work, during lunch hours, or a ten-minute walk during your break.  Your health is a minimum requirement to be successful at your core business – YOU!
  • Yes, there is a trend towards a more collaborative, open working environment.  Yes – it works better for some workers than others.  Whatever the environment, identify the people and things that distract you.  Then adapt alternative methods to avoid or reduce the major distractions.  Headphones, anyone?
  • My personal favorite – “lead the way”.   Be the example.  Show the team how it can be done.  

For the additional items on the list, read more here

Article:  “The Post-Cubicle Office and Its Discontents”


Discussion of the evolution of the work space, from Frank Lloyd Wright to cubicles to today’s “lofts” and open environments.  Apparently, throughout the history of the office environment, there have been geniuses, supporters and detractors.  Today’s open environment opponents are in good company.    Read more here


The changing landscape of the work environment challenges us all to become more flexible, open-minded and aware of each other’s.  The way we treat our co-workers and teams is reflected in our interactions with our customers and clients.  They are watching after all.


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