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If you are like me, you are inundated with email messages, alerts, and notifications.  Maybe you are able to keep up.  Or maybe you just want someone else to wade through the pile, and pull out the good stuff.

At least twice a month, on a Friday – we will name our favorite articles related to workplace issues that we see or experience.   We love articles that give “best practices”, lessons learned and actionable tips or steps that we can use to improve our workplace environment.

We hope you will find nuggets that you can utilize in your working life also.


 Articles Reviewed  

  • Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Threat To Victims, A Quandary For Bystanders

  • 4 Personality Traits that Create Conflicts in The Workplace

  • Michelle Obama Was Right About the History of Workplace Sexual Harassment

  • Black Women and the Burden of Success: How to Get Around ‘Black Tax’ and Protect Your Emotional Health at Work



ENVIRONMENT:  Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Threat to Victims, A Quandary For Bystanders

According to an article written by Yuki Noguchi,  we need to look at the challenges that workers face when they witness sexual harassment – or any harassment for that matter – in the workplace.   In the article, Yuki describes the feedback from experts to consider.  Specifically,  Dr. Gail Stern suggests,  “Calling out that behavior in that moment and making a joke, pointing out the absurdity of it — like, ‘Seriously, you’d really say that? I hope this is satire, right?’ That’s a way of both calling attention to the comment, signaling to the witnesses you heard it, you didn’t let it slide and it gives permission for the person who said it to go, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK.’ “  Read more here


  TEAM CONFLICT: 4 Personality Traits that Create Conflicts in The Workplace

We don’t have the luxury to always avoid the difficult persons in our lives – whether at home, family holiday gatherings or at work. When diverse personalities work together, whether deliberately or by accident, the results can be disruptive. Can you plan for the challenges?  Within this article, the author, Anand Mishra, examines the personality traits to look for.  Which one are you?  Read more here


 #WomenInBusiness:  Michelle Obama Was Right about the History of Workplace Sexual Harassment

While speaking on the campaign trail, First Lady Michelle Obama, spoke out against harassment that women experience in the workplace.

In an article written by Olivia B. Waxman,  the notion that sexual harassment behavior  is acceptable is challenged by Michelle statement, “It reminds us of stories we heard from our mothers and grandmothers about how, back in their day, the boss could say and do whatever he pleased to the women in the office,” Obama said, “and even though they worked so hard, jumped over every hurdle to prove themselves, it was never enough.”  Read more here


  Black Women and the Burden of Success: How to Get Around ‘Black Tax’ and Protect Your Emotional Health at Work

Whether acknowledged or not, there are prices to be paid to exist in corporate America’s offices and boardrooms.  When you are African American in the workplace,  it is understood that you will be perceived differently, expectations and opportunities may not be equal.  The challenges can take a heavy toll and impact health, productivity, and workplace success.

When Makini Aziza Young had a question about professionalism and black hair styles in her organization, she sought the advice of other African American women in her firm.

Makini indicated that these women gave her pointed advice, including, “‘You keep your locs, you wear it how you want to wear it, and you know your resume.”  Read more of the article by Tamara E. Holmes here




More than anything else, we spend more hours on our jobs than we do with our family and friends.  Our workplaces are changing rapidly.  I hope that this provides some insights that have been helpful and inspiring to you.  If you like these, please share!

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