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The many upsides of a happy workforce

BBC Capital . Lennox Morrison

Articles and surveys have repeatedly highlighted that many in today’s workforce are unhappy, which can impact the bottom line for a business.  Enter a new resource, the consultant who specialized in helping you design a happier team. Read more

Ten Reasons To Skip Your Exit Interview  .  Liz Ryan

If you have ever been tempted to share your thoughts about the company or job you are leaving – read this first!  [bottom line – strongly reconsider!]  Read more

Why Women Don’t Speak Out  .  Johanna Higgs

Being the unwilling recipient target of inappropriate, difficult, sexist behavior takes it toll.  Then being brave enough to pursue and speak out for justice takes its toll and can have consequences that women know all too well.  Read more



Summer heat makes us less helpful and productive · By Monica Torres

Although the overall conclusion of this study may not be a surprise, being aware of the impact of an overheated workplace makes for a difficult work environment.  Should this be a consideration when working in a customer service environment?  How will the temperature in the workplace impact the collaboration of teams, especially in an open workplace?  Is there an optimum temperature to strive for – especially with diverse teams, functioning within project or time constraints?  Read more

3 Workplace Habits of Happy and Engaged Employees

Inc Magazine  . · Marcel Schwantes

Does it matter if your team is engaged or wants to work together?  What is the impact if your employees are not working together?  Is everyone aware of the team vision and purpose?  Read more


Why Employees Leave

What are the reasons employees leave their jobs?

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Updated 4/20/2020