Nothing consoles like certainty does.

~  Amit Kalantri



In the marketplace of work, the only certainty is the need to work.  The need to have the results that work will bring.  Each day has the opportunity to change  We cannot control the behavior of those in our daily lives, including the workplace.

Whether you work in a restaurant, construction, or an open environment in a corporation – you can only control you choice of behavior.  You may believe that you if you own your business, or in the midst of creating the next big thing in a startup that you are totally in control.

The reality is that all business, all work, all jobs requires interaction with other human beings, some form of collaboration, or engagement.  This can be your coworkers, your clients, customers, your manager, or even suppliers.  Whether your interaction is online, in person, or by phone – one thing is certain.

You can control your interaction and in each encounter – civility counts.

I am certain of it.




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