Do we need heroes in the workplace?  Are you creating a work environment that allows you and your peers to shine?

Today’s quote:  “People have too many common people like them, and they are bored by it.  They need Heroes.”  – Amit Kalantri

Is it time to “step it up” in the workplace in a positive manner?

What single action can be done – today – to improve the place you spend most of your waking hours? Some ideas:

  • Alter the way you interact in the workplace with your co-workers
  • Introduce the topic of workplace civility in your team meeting to give everyone a voice
  • Create a presentation on workplace ethics for the quarterly kickoff meeting.
  • Record an short video of safety tips for your specific workplace environment.
  • Author an workplace collaboration article for your company intranet or physical newsletter
  • Create an eBook highlighting the responsibilities and job roles within your specific department
  • Enhance your next “New Hire Onboarding” workshop with examples of “heroes” in your own workplace

The ability to be a hero in the workplace exist in all of us – a day at a time.