If you are an African American woman in business, with aspirations to be an entrepreneur or just looking to history to discover how others endured and succeeded in the workplace – despite the obstacles – then here is a short list* of black females that you may not be aware of.

These women created a path in their fields (whether chosen for them or by choice) and made it their own.

7 African American Females in Business that You May Not Know 

7 African American Females in Business that You May Not Know
* Not intended to be all-inclusive
  • Barbara Hillary, First Black woman to the North and South Poles
  • Bessie Coleman, First African American female pilot
  • Carolyn Parker, First African American woman known to receive a graduate degree in physics
  • Dolores Wharton, First African American elected to the boards of three major corporations
  • June Bacon-Bercey, First American woman to become a TV meteorologist
  • Norma Merrick Sklarek, First Major African-American Female Architect
  • Sarah Rector, age 11, richest black girl in America in 1913 (oil).

We stand on their shoulders.

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