Updated 3/11/2020

What can you do when the tension is so thick between coworkers that everyone dreads working with team members?  Is there anything that can be done if you are the victim of incivility?

Keep a log of behaviors observed.

Pay attention to tone used and body language

BPost - Thurs Tip Workplace 10-22-15

Encourage team to be aware of the visual impact they are making. Look up from devices – better yet, put them away and be present.

Reward engaged and civil behavior.

Articulate and enforce the consequences of non-civil behavior.

Mutual Appreciation

Visualize in your mind Company Workers Coworkers оffеr to hеlр each other  and provide valued team support to meet the work demands.Team members feel appreciated. Turnover Turnоvеr iѕ lоw bесаuѕе еvеrуоnе are valued and respected by the organization that employees them.Recruitment costs are decreasing due to reduced turnover.Employees openly state that their individual соntributiоns count…


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