BPost - Thurs Tip Workplace 10-22-15

Workplace Civility:  5 Strategies to Improve Civility Within Your Teams

What can you do when the tension is so thick between coworkers that everyone dreads working with team members?  Is there anything that can be done if you are the victim of incivility?

  • Keep a log of the specific uncivil behaviors you observe within your team.  Identify opportunities and ways to improve the behavior.
  • Pay attention to tone used and physical body language as well as the words that are said. Gestures, voice volume and facial expression have an impact as well.
  • Encourage team members to be aware of visual impact of good  listening skills as well.  Continually glancing at mobile devices during conversations indicate distraction – not active listening within the team.
  • Reward engaged and civil behavior – publicly.  Encourage teams to mirror the positive behavior.
  • Articulate the consequences for non-civil behavior within your work teams.


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